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Sunny and 45 Degrees

We visited our beach house today and found it warm and welcoming in the sun. We managed to get a few things on our to-do list done, but because the temps have been fairly low, our plumber has not yet turned on the water. A house without water is... well... no fun.

Many people were on the beach with their dogs or taking a stroll... the weather was perfect to be outside.

Speaking of outside... there is no sign of green on any of the plants we so carefully put in our flower beds last summer and fall. It's early I know, but it would be so satisfying to see just a little green to know they survived this crazy winter. The beach grasses we planted really stand out because they are in smaller clumps than the already established plants... but again... no green anywhere. I'm certain that those little plants are as anxious for spring as are we!

The spring season is beginning early for us at the house as our first guests arrive on April 11, and the house is totally booked from June 22 though October 12. The hard part about being booked solid through the summer is having to tell callers that their choices of dates are unavailable, especially when they are long-time renters. Oh, how we wish our house were larger...

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