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Hello From Ocean View

Winter is entering the finale and

we cannot wait for Spring to arrive!

We had such big plans for this season. We had engaged a painter who was to begin next week painting the whole house inside and out. Unfortunately for him, he took a tough fall and injured his leg, so it appears that he'll be out of commission for the time being. Hopefully, he'll be able to do some of the work this November. We have a limited time frame for working in the house since the water has to be turned off in early December and not turned on again until March.

We did manage to take a trip to LBI President's weekend just to see if the winter storms caused any problems. The Island had two very large snow storms this year - one of them left 15+" -- wish we could have been there to see the sand blanketed in snow. Although it was surely cold and windy, it still must have been beautiful.

Ocean View is nearly booked already. There are a couple of weeks in May on the first floor and a week in October on the first floor that are still open - So many of you are returning again and again - and we can't be happier that you enjoy our house. Always let us know what we can do to make it better. Oh, and please don't ask for an umbrella for the second floor - we unsuccessfully tried to add a heavy weighted umbrella and it was blown off the deck by the wind. Luckily, no one was injured. The oceanfront winds come on so suddenly and often without warning.

We hope you had a healthy and safe winter. It felt very long this year... Perhaps because we're anxious to get to the beach. Look forward to seeing you soon, and until then stay warm.

Roger and Mary-Ellen

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