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Happy New Year from Ocean View !

It has been a long while since we have written, and we are greeting 2024 with a positive outlook and hope you are as well.


Ocean View is closed for the winter. We have not been to the house since the late fall and truly miss being there. Hopefully we can dash down for a day in January and another in February just to get a quick peek at the view and check on the house. Sometime in March the water can be turned on so regular visits and repair/upgrade projects can begin.


For the most part it was a very good 2023 season. We welcomed back so many of you

 that have repeatedly stayed with us over the years. One family celebrated their 20th anniversary of staying at Ocean View ! It's amazing. We truly enjoy getting to know our guests and hope to meet more of you this coming season.


We appreciate the care so many of you give to our home, and are also thankful to those who share photos from their vacation with us - a few even send us holiday cards with photos of them or their children - it's such a lovely reminder of the happiness Ocean View stirs in us all.


While is just the very beginning of January... the way time flies, it will be May before we know it and another beautiful season can begin. Until then, stay warm, healthy and happy... and we'll see you all soon!

Roger and Mary-Ellen


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