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Snow in March - We are looking for Spring!

We ventured down to LBI this weekend to see how our house fared after yet another Nor'easter - this one dumped a couple of inches of snow on Wednesday. All was well, but we did have to shovel a small spot on the driveway so that we did not have to trudge through a 2 foot wide patch of snow when we went in and out of the garage.

Fortunately, we brought a small snow shovel with us. Our friends John and Joanne came to visit bearing wonderful gifts -- beautiful patio furniture for 2 of our decks -- we feel blessed. John and Roger also assembled some other furniture that we had purchased for another deck. Our house is coming along. We also got to meet our neighbors from across the street. They are also from New York (Chappaqua). It is always surprising when we meet a New Yorker on the Jersey Shore -- with all the beaches and lakes in New York State, it is odd that so many of us end up on Long Beach Island. I get it though because LBI truly is a beautiful one-of-a-kind spot - I can't find any place like it on Long Island.

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