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Summer is in Full Swing on LBI

I haven't done a post in a while as it's been a very busy rental season. We have had so many terrific and friendly tenants. Either we have just been lucky or it's the Island itself -- everyone is in a good mood and so kind and thoughtful. We had the opportunity to visit our favorite restaurants this summer and also discovered some we hadn't tried before. We also found that the Dockside Diner has a fabulous breakfast. Although we'd been there so many times for lunch, we didn't realize that they served breakfast. And talk about friendly -- their staff is just the happiest bunch. We took advantage of a very generous gift certificate for the Engleside Inn and enjoyed a wonderful meal there with some friends who came to visit, having never been there before, this was an excellent introduction. We finally tried Oyster House in Beach Haven and just loved it. We are very happy that we will be able to go there in the winter as well since it's one of the restaurants that are open year round.

A really neat discovery - one we had never visited in all the years we rented - is the LBI Chamber of Commerce. Highly recommend you stop by. They have oodles of information for things to do both on and off Island. Glad we went there, but sorry we hadn't found it sooner. I took a bunch of brochures to leave in the rental units - I think our guests will find some of the info useful.

We did have new photos taken of the house that show the various improvements that we've made and posted them on the website. So many people ask if the first floor has a view since the beach replenishment project -- well the photos show the "Ocean View" from both floors. There is nothing like sitting out on the ocean deck and watching the water. It is just glorious. It's almost impossible to leave. Here's to the rest of the summer, may it be as fun and exciting as the beginning.

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