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Chowderfest... the end of summer

It's hard to believe this weekend marks the end of summer. How it flew by. Our first full summer season renting our beautiful Ocean View is behind us. It was an exceptionally wonderful experience to be sure. We have had the most amazing guests who have enjoyed their time at our beach house so much that most if not all left it better than they found it. We feel truly blessed to have had so many wonderful visitors, and thank them all for the kind and generous comments and suggestions they left in our guest books. Joan Konnor, our realtor from Van Dyk, told us all along that we would find it easy... she forget to mention what a rewarding experience this would be for us all.

This weekend at the house was just perfect -- the weather could not have been better. The sun was warm, the beach was full of people trying to soak in the last rays of summer, and our neighbors were all out and about. Some people headed to Beach Haven for the Chowderfest, some headed to the beach, and others just strolled or biked around the neighborhood. Everyone was happy to see the sun.

While we still have guests who will be renting right up until Thanksgiving weekend, we are already planning for next season -- reservations are steadily coming in. Until October 15 we will only take reservations from prior guests, but after that, we'll fully open our calendar. I feel awful telling that to the people who are calling for the first time, but I feel a strong loyalty to those who visited this summer. I hope they understand... October 15 will be here before you know it.

Before leaving for home, we hung a pumpkin welcome sign outside Ocean View, and sighed that fall is here and summer is becoming just a memory. Here's to a crisp and lovely autumn!

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