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October is Beautiful !

Look at that beautiful sky!

Our week long visit to Ocean View was even better than expected. With so many sunny warm days we spent a lot of time reading on our quiet beach. While there was an occasional fisherman in the early hours, we were essentially alone. A private beach to ourselves! Managed to finish my novel and Roger got through a pile of reading he brought along.

We had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite spots, the Black Whale with our friends, Joan and Jeff. While discussing where to eat during the week, Joan mentioned that Scojos was open year round. We had always planned to go, but the drive up Island to Surf City never fit the schedule. But this week, with the traffic lights flashing yellow, we sailed up the Boulevard and enjoyed possibly our best ever brunch on the Island. Great spot, and the fact that it's open all year makes it even better.

We spend a couple of days working outside. The Town was distributing beach grass, and we picked up six large bundles with the thought we would go back for more. We planted those bundles on our dunes filling in spaces that needed more grass. It took quite a while, so much so, we never went back for more. We also planted some Montauk Daisies, a memory from our home on Long Island, a couple of roses and some day lilies and other perennials. We look forward to spring to see if our gardening efforts pay off in this salty and windy environment.

I've added a photo of the sunrise on the day we left - it was so beautiful -- picture perfect! (also note the fisherman enjoying the view as well).

We did leave earlier than planned as a Nor E'aster was scheduled to hit the Island pretty hard with flooding anticipated. So, we gathered up all the outdoor furniture to keep it safe from the winds and set off reluctantly for home.

We had guests who braved the floods in their Ford Truck on Saturday and arrived safely. They reported the house and area were fine, but the drive down a bit slow because Long Beach Boulevard was a river of water. They plan to spend the week fishing, Today is a beautiful day on the Island and we hope the week for them is as wonderful as was ours.

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