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We are just 2 weeks away from closing up for the winter already!

We spent the weekend at Ocean View checking on the work that was recently completed. The HVAC systems (each unit has its own system) were removed and replaced. It was a huge undertaking and we are very pleased with the work that was done. The workers left everything neat and clean. The new system will be quieter and more energy efficient, and it will be able to alert us though our cell phones if there are any heating problems during the harsh months of January and February. Our last guests are in for thanksgiving week and the week that follows. December 1 will be the final cleaning and then we will turn off the water and put antifreeze in the pipes until the freeze is over and we can prepare for spring.

Over... we cannot believe it is over... that we have finished the season so quickly. In a few days we will be sharing our Thanksgiving meal and giving thanks for our friends, our families and all the wonderful people who have passed through Ocean View this year. We are so grateful for their kind reviews in our guest book or websites and sincerely hope to see them again. I want to hear about their winter and how they coped with shorter days and cold dark nights. I wonder how many of them will escape to warmer places during the worst weeks of winter.

Well I for one am so anxious for a fast and easy winter and an early and long spring! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.

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