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Happy Holidays from Ocean View!

We cannot believe the season is really over. The plumber turned off the water to the house this week. There is no water again until mid March. We ended the season without any regrets. We met so many thoughtful and kind people... this was the best part of renting the beach house for us.

We did have a late fall wind/rain storm that blew 2 of our chaises off the top deck. One was actually found by one of our tenants. She was out for a walk and saw it in the parking lot of WAWA! She carried it back to the house and up two flights of stairs. Now for the best part.. she is 83 years old! Amazing. She is simply amazing, and a wonderful person.

We think the other chaise was lost at sea. Fortunately, we were able to find the same ones and order two replacements (we did this before the other one showed up--so now we have a back-up chaise). They arrived at our Long Island home on a particularly bitter cold day and watching the delivery men put this large box on our back porch we thought what a crazy day to receive these comfy blue chaises that are meant to soak up the blazing sun. We did learn our lesson though... next year we move the outdoor furniture inside by November 1.

As we walked through the house making lists of what to replace, what to paint, what to repair, we realized that as much as the winter ahead looks long and bleak, spring will be here sooner than we think, and we need to get started soon so we'll be ready when our first guests arrive early April. And then the fun will begin again.

Until then, we wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday season and a wonderful 2019!

See you next year!

Roger and Mary-Ellen

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