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spring is here.... finally!

Long Beach Island is waking up from its winter nap! More and more businesses are putting out their open signs. While our visit to the house this weekend was a working weekend, we managed to squeeze in some fun. We went to the Oyster Bar and ScoJos in between replacing window screens, shower heads, and lighting fixtures, painting and so many other little tasks.

Our new grills were delivered and our plumber is coming next week to install them. They are so nice and shiny – but just wait until the salty ocean breezes have their way with them!

After a long search, we finally located a new patio set for the second floor deck at Oskar Huber. Our last set did not fair well and left rust stains on the fiberglass flooring. Luckily Excel (the power washers) were able to remove the stains, so all is well. The new set is from the same company and style as our chaises, and since the chaises have successfully battled the salty breezes….

We found some time to visit the Chamber of Commerce to pick up brochures to leave for our guests. The helpful staff mentioned that the Tuckerton Seaport/Beach Haven Water Ferry, powered by the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, will run between the Tuckerton Seaport lighthouse dock and the Taylor Avenue dock in Beach Haven. The ferry is free but they recommend you make reservations. Reservations are $10 per person for the round trip and include admission to the Seaport. The Ferry will run Saturdays, Sunday, and Mondays from July 4th weekend through Labor Day. Sounds like fun – we are looking forward to making the trip.

We awoke Sunday morning to a perfect sunrise and felt like spring was here... but, by the time we left for home, the wind blowing across the sand had cooled the air substantially.

We only just left but we just cannot wait to return next weekend.

LBI truly is a little slice of heaven for us.

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