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We're off to a great start!

Our house has been buzzing with activity since early April... we've had 6 groups of guests already, and are hearing great comments, despite a bit of a wet spring. One group rented the whole house for a wedding.. how fun is that? Cannot imagine a more beautiful and perfect place to get married than on Long Beach Island. And, renting a house for the family to be together is a great idea too. We had some guests early in April from the northern part of New York State. We were there when they arrived, it happened to be a sunny warm April day and there were many people enjoying the beach. They couldn't help but tell us that they left piles of snow at home, drove 10 hours and now they were going to the beach to enjoy the sun. Quite a contrast of weather patterns in the same day.

We are happy to report that new for 2019 in addition to our new gas grills and HVAC systems, there are new dressers for all the bedrooms and a dining patio set for the top unit. We hope our guests enjoy the latest additions.

After an overcast weekend, today was a washout. At least people were able to enjoy the beach on Friday and Saturday. We left the house and drove steadily in the rain north on Long Beach Boulevard enjoying the last time we get to drive it this season with the traffic lights blinking yellow. Sadly on our next visit the lights will be on and the drive will certainly not be as fast.

We are looking forward to visiting on May 18 for the Beach Haven Seafood Festival in Beach Haven’s Bay Village (Taylor Avenue Bayfront) for a taste of summer with fresh seafood, live music and vendor night market.

See you at the beach !

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