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The Sun Shines Brighter on LBI !

We spent a beautiful weekend at Ocean View. Everyone we met was remarking on the weather... picture perfect! The temperatures were warm enough that you didn't need a jacket or sweater...temperate spring weather with just the slightest salty breeze.

We finished our chores early so we could enjoy the beach with so many others. While only the surfers found being in the water appealing.. there were sun worshippers working on an early tan and lots of fisherman both during the early morning hours and later at dusk and beyond. "Stripers" one of the wader-clad fisherman told us he was hoping to catch as he casted his many lines into the surf anchoring his fishing poles in the sand.

Later enjoying our beverages on the ocean deck we were all in awe of the moon rising from the ocean. Unfortunately, by the time I thought to take a picture it was not quite as large. You can also see some of the fisherman waiting for their Stripers to bite.

Today, after we locked the door to head home, I admired the flowers I had planted on Saturday morning and kept my fingers crossed they would continue to thrive and grow without our being able to tend to them. We are at the mercy of our guests to water them if there is no sign of rain. Not that we are hoping for rain -- well, maybe just enough to keep the plants going -- preferably when everyone is sleeping so it's sunny and dry when they begin their day.

I'm also posting this last photo sent by a friend who stayed at the house last weekend... She said that it was the best mother's day weekend she could remember ... So glad she could bring her family to Ocean View and take advantage of all it has to offer.

Next weekend is Memorial Day already. The street lights will no longer be flashing, and the drive up and down the Boulevard will be slower... but oh, the rewards of being on LBI make it all so worth it! Our house is rented up and down by a brother and sister and their families who have stayed at Ocean View every Memorial Day (for many, many years). We wish them more wonderful memories to add to their many other Ocean View memories. For those of you waiting for your turn to stay in our little slice of paradise... time goes by so much faster than you think. Your vacation will be here soon, and the waves will be waiting to see you along with the noisy seagulls!

Happy Memorial Day!

Roger and Mary-Ellen

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