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A picture perfect summer on LBI

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I cannot believe that August is almost half-way done. Perhaps it would be better to say it is half full.

An amazing summer to be sure. We've been fortunate to have had several new and wonderful guests this summer. Just recently, visitors on the second floor were kind enough to share sunrise photos taken during their week at Ocean View. I have added them to this blog post to remind you of just how spectacular our sunrises are -- even better if you can watch them in your PJs! Thanks Jim for sharing these with us. They are a sweet reminder of one of the perks at our beautiful Ocean View.

We did visit the house in between guests on Saturday and were so happy to see all the people enjoying the beach. We brought along Roger's 93 year old mom, and she spent the time reading her book, sitting under the shade of her umbrella only steps from where the waves hit the shore. She said it was a perfect spot, and that she could sit there everyday.

While this visit was short, it was delightful to stand on our ocean front decks and pinch ourselves that we are so lucky to have such an exquisite view. We are so happy to share this place with our guests, and even happier when they compliment our home. It's pleasing to know we are on the right track.

We wish all our little visitors a great school year, and remind our September and October guests that the best is yet to come... those months on LBI are truly the most beautiful.

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