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Ocean View's View on May 2

Located on the corner of 31st Street and the Atlantic Ocean

We hope you are all staying well and safe during these crazy times. We have begun visiting Ocean View to get it ready for our summer guests. Usually we get to this in March so we feel very far behind with our chores. Ocean View's first guests are now due in June as lock downs forced the cancellation of the April and May reservations.

As you can see in the photo above -- taken on May 2, the beaches are open and being enjoyed. The Island is opening up... a little different, but still amazing. We were there last weekend too, and the weather was warm and sunny -- it felt like summer -- we found it so hard to work indoors. We were lured outside and ended up doing some gardening, and were relucted to go inside, even when the sun went down and the weather cooled.

There are some changes as a result of COVID. Our housekeeper has a new cleaning/ sanitizing campaign. If you'd stayed at Ocean View in the past, you know that the house is immaculate thanks to our wonderful housekeeper... but now she has added new cleaning routines to keep our guests safe. Guests will need to bring their own pillows as recommended by our realtor. All quilts will be laundered each week so upon arrival the freshly laundered and wrapped quilts will be on each bed awaiting your arrival.

The restaurants are open and serving curbside -- we've had wonderful meals (so nice not to be cooking actually!) We were thrilled on Saturday to see that Marvel's opened and we enjoyed hot donuts - something we hadn't had since last October. And, before the weekend ended, we were able to get the new beach passes -- so now we are certain summer will begin on time!

We look forward to seeing our returning guests this year and meeting our new guests. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

Best regards,

Roger and Mary-Ellen

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