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We visited on Saturday September 28 during the change-over

and could not believe how many people were on the beach!

We are so thankful for the wonderful guests who

stayed at Ocean View this summer

With a full house of renters the entire summer from June through mid October, Roger and I were unable to stay at the house. We did visit every few weeks during the changeovers to take care of the little things that are not on our housekeepers to-do list. Sometimes we were lucky enough to meet guests as they were leaving and/or arriving, which is always fun. We wish we could meet all of our guests so we could personally thank them for choosing Ocean View as their vacation home. We truly appreciate each and everyone of our visitors.

We have begun to take reservations for the 2020 season.

There are still a few weeks open during the prime season,

and there are many pre-season and late season weeks are available

for those who enjoy the quieter side of LBI

and enjoy travelling the Boulevard with the traffic lights turned off !

Whenever you choose to come, we welcome you, and will continue to

try to make Ocean View the perfect vacation home for you.

Enjoy the fall season... Winter is coming -- whether we like it or not

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